We All Are Karma’s Reflection

Experience a band inspired by life’s journey.

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A Sound for Every Song

There is no one genre which we stick to.


Composed Vibrant Melodies

Crafting songs that resonate with emotions, capturing the essence of life’s highs and lows.


Paired Sound with Emotion

It isn’t about us. It is about creating the sound tapestry.


Pleasant Surprises

A lasting impression often comes with a surprise. We will ensure a pleasant surprise is built into our shows.

Latest Music Adventures

Explore our newest musical adventures which showcase our evolving sound and vision.

Our band name reveal show


1st Show of 2024, May 4th


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In Tune with Experience

An enigmatic journey through the melodies of life, curated by our band.

Founded in Cary, NC, we embarked on this musical voyage to share our stories through music.

Passionate about crafting musical experiences that resonate with the soul.

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